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Soundfields is a Fort Collins, CO based musical electronics company. Most of our work involves fixing guitar amps, guitar pedals, and other electronic music gear. Our passion is tone, and--soldering iron in hand--we are committed to helping musicians get every ounce of the tone they desire from their gear. 

The founder, Michael Lowe, has been working in the music business for more than three decades in New York, Boston and Colorado. He has performed and recorded with Dean Sharp, Carleton Holmes, Jansen Cinco, Danny Borge, Kato Hideki, Robert Kopec, Brendaly, Esther Knudson and others. He studied electronics at The Analog Lab in NYC, tube amplifier repair with Paul Markwalter of Beacon Tube Amps, and tube amplifier design and theory with Michael Koski and Gerald Weber. In 2015 Michael completed a guitar tube amp correspondence mentorship with Gerald Weber.