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At Soundfields we specialize in the repair, restoration and in some cases modification, of tube guitar amplifiers. We have a special love for vintage tube amplifiers, but can work on most tube guitar amps. 

When your amplifier comes in for service, we go over the entire circuit with an obsessive eye for detail. As a matter of course, we tighten screws and nuts, clean pots and tube sockets, look for cracked or broken components, correct any cold solder joints, re-tension tube sockets if required, and make sure all ground contacts are solid. We also test all of your tubes. This is all part of the basic bench fee.


With power tube replacement we match tubes in the amplifier, and bias by measuring actual plate current. With vintage amps we do only what is necessary to solve any issues and get your amp up and running and sounding its best. We don’t indiscriminately change capacitors or other parts, and make all effort to keep the circuit as original as possible after repairs. In general, with pre CBS Fender amps, vintage Marshall and Vox amps, Soundfields does not do modifications that permanently alter the circuit, but may be able to undo modifications and restore your amp to the original circuit. There are other amps that may benefit from modifications, and we're happy to discuss how to best achieve the sound you desire. At Soundfields we are guitarists first, so we fully share your passion for tone.

In addition we use high quality replacement parts for every repair, including Mercury Magnetics transformers, NOS Allen Bradley, Ohmite and PRP resistors, and Jupiter, Sprague and Audio Cap capacitors.

Our bench rate is $55 per hour, and diagnosis and many general repairs will be completed in the first hour. If additional time is required we'll call you with an estimate. 

After the work is completed your amplifier will be fully tested by running it for a period of time on a simulated load for a burn in, and then with an ear test by playing through the amp with a guitar. We do this to make sure the amp doesn't have or develop additional problems so you can be confident your amp is working at its best when it leaves our shop.